Principles Of Arya Samaj

    10 Principles Of Arya Samaj

  •  God is the original source of everything that is true knowledge and everything is known by physical sciences.
  • God is existence, all beatitude, conscious, almighty, formless, merciful, infinite, unbegotten, beginning less,
    unchangeable, incomparable, the support of all, all-pervading, the lord for all, Omniscient and controller of all from
    within, imperishable, fearless, ever mature, eternal, pure and creator of the universe. So, the only god should be
  • The Vedas are books of true knowledge and it is foremost duty of all Aryas to read themselves, listen to them,
    teach and recite them to others.
  • Everyone should be ready to agree with the truth and renounce the untruth.
  • All acts should be performed in conformity with dharma it means righteousness and duty.
  • The main motive of Arya Samaj is to do good to the entire world, for example, promote physical, spiritual and
    social progress of humans.
  • Your dealings with others ought to be regulated by love and due to justice in accordance with dictates of
  • Illusion and ignorance are to be dispelled, realization and acquisition of knowledge need to be promoted.
  • No one should remain satisfied with own’s elevation only, but should incessantly consider for social upliftment of
    everyone, realize individuals own elevation in the elevation of others.
  • Everyone should dedicate themselves for the social good and the well-being of everyone, subordinating their
    personal interest while the one is free to enjoy the freedom of activities for the individual well-being.